Back to School - no enrollment necessary

When somebody mentions Back To School we think about the retailers push to sell office supplies and maybe a few pieces of clothing. But that has all changed - looking at early advertising it is not just for students any more and it seems it's bound to include more and more vaguely related products - no enrollment necessary.  And if you look close enough you'll surely find Back To School promotions on pet food, condoms, and orchids.

Back To School sales are expected to reach $857 billion in sales this year (serious?!!!) and after a slow summer retailers are gearing up to make their sales goals - it does after all represent a healthy 17% of annual retail sales.  Most of the traditional items like paper, pens, pencils and binders are advertised with steep discounts to entice the shoppers to buy other items in the store. 16 states even offer a sales tax free week or weekend on school supplies and children's clothing (what happened State of California?).

We get it.  It's a really big deal.  So we decided to jump on the Back To School train - because it's so big!

Lots of kids have a definite opinion about what they like and don't like when it comes to their interiors.  If you want them to sit at their desk and do homework you have to provide a space and furniture that will actually make them stay there till it's done - it's your duty (just saying).  And while you're doing this maybe your own desk needs a little help too.  The dining table and the kitchen island is fine for occasional office work - but it's hard to concentrate without reaching for the fridge for a snack every few minutes, or having to remove everything off the dining table in order to set the table for dinner.  You might just need a real desk - the laptop is great for use at home but it still needs to live somewhere other than the top of your coffee table - and tripping over the cord gets really old and looks like you're still in college (if you still look like you're still in college - good for you!).

At Norden Living we believe in light, open and functional with a decidedly modern design.  It's how most families today want to live (well singles too - they just make it seem easier somehow).  We are therefore proud to introduce our latest addition to our line-up:  the Journal desk from Normann Copenhagen.  Simple, stylish, functional, clean, and modern - to mention a few.  Add a great (57 years old actually) Danish design classic - the Arne Jacobsen table lamp, a Form chair with a swivel base and castors, and a Block trolley table to keep you organized.   So get into the Back To School spirit whether you have real back to school needs (kids) or not - it's time to bring out your inner student!