Outdoor Living- City style

You might have noticed - it's summer!  However, for whatever reason you're still in the city slaving away while everyone else seems to taunt you with fantastic shots of their summer destinations.  You're un-following to make the summer bragging with endless swimsuit and umbrella drink shots end but it's coming at you from every direction and can't be stopped.  Time to make your own summer memories worth sharing.

City living in the summer can actually be quite pleasant. Choose to go to destinations that are not on the tourist maps (unless you see yourself as a local greeter and you need a new listening audience - you know who you are) but most importantly:  get outside!  The temperatures are generally milder, maybe even warm,  the sun stays up longer, and you should feel guilty going home to sit inside staring at a tv or tablet screen. 

Creating an outdoor lifestyle in the city can be as easy as planning drinks, walks or dinners with friends in places that will make you really feel that it's summer; oceanside happy hour cocktails on a terrace or dock with a view, open air dining in the back patio of a neighborhood restaurant, desserts at a cafe with sidewalk tables - it all makes it feel like you're almost on a fabulous summer vacation. Or seek out an outdoor movie venue and bring blankets and a picnic basket.

All over Europe spending time outdoors seems to be a priority whether the weather is permitting or not.  In Scandinavia in particular the restaurants have outdoor seating available large parts of the year and it isn't limited to just the summer.  They add heaters, candles, and most importantly: blankets!  

And as so much fun can be had out and about town your home should be ready for summer as well. Lighten everything up a bit.  Pull the heavy drapes aside and open the windows.  Add fresh flowers in happy colors.  Throw in some bright colored pillows.  Add colorful plates, cups and glasses.  but most important: find a way to spend a little time outside as well.  Whether you have a garden, patio, deck, balcony or a breezeway - get out there!  

At Norden Living we have just added some great inspirational pieces for city outdoor living.  Check out the small scale patio furniture from Houe in fantastic color and the Carrie LED lantern (charge it up overnight for hours of cozy lighting).  Foggy and windy San Francisco summer nights?  Add a thick Røros blanket in fun stripes and let the outdoor city lifestyle begin. Invite friends, post photos - and make the travelers feel like they're missing out.